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3-Gallon Sharps Recovery System

Store / Regulated Medical Waste / 3-Gallon Sharps Recovery System
3-Gallon Sharps Disposal by Mail
Price: $109.82
Item: 13000

Includes everything needed to collect sharps such as syringes or other medical waste for transport through the mail for proper treatment and repurposing. This USPS-approved system includes a 3-gallon red OSHA-compliant sharps collection container, shipping box, packaging, tracking manifest, instructions, and pre-paid return postage. Leak proof. Sharps collection container opening is set at a 45 degree angle for clear visibility. Built-in handle for safe transport. 

Holds up to 720 1cc syringes

Holds up to 480 3cc syringes

Use Instructions:

The 3-Gallon Sharps Recovery System is designed for point-of-use collection.  Safe, balanced handle and wide base make this container excellent for transport to and from point of use. Container can also be mounted. Place properly segregated needles, syringes, lancets, or other regulated medical waste directly into the 45 degree opening. Comes with all USPS-approved components for repackaging and mailing for proper treatment. Tracking of proper treatment is available through SharpsTracer.

All Sharps items are autoclaved at Sharps Compliance. If incineration is required or preferred, please indicate "Incineration Required" in the "ORDER NOTES" at Step One (Shopping Cart) of the ordering process.

All Sharps Compliance items are non-refundable, unless the Customer receives the wrong item in error or damaged items, and notifies the Heritage within five (5) business days of receipt of order.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The max return weight on this item is 25 LBS.  For every pound over the max weight there is a potential additional charge of $2.00 per LBS.