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1-Quart Sharps Recovery System (12 mailers/case)

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12/case  1-Quart Sharps Recovery System
Price: $464.14
Item: 10100-012

Case of twelve 1-Quart Sharps Recovery System. Includes everything needed to collect sharps such as syringes or lancets and other medical waste for transport through the mail for proper treatment and repurposing. This USPS-approved system includes a 1-quart red OSHA-compliant sharps collection container, shipping box, packaging, tracking manifest, instructions, and pre-paid return postage. Leak proof.

Holds 70 1cc syringes.

Use Instructions:

The 1-Quart Sharps Recovery System is designed for point-of-use collection. Can also be mounted. Place properly segregated needles, syringes, lancets, or other regulated medical waste directly into the vertical drop opening.  Comes with all USPS-approved components for packaging and mailing from any location for proper treatment. One purchase price, no postage or additional fees are required to mail the Sharps Recovery System. Tracking of proper treatment is available through SharpsTracer

Who Is It For?

The 1-Quart Sharps Recovery System case of 12 is designed for home healthcare nurses, or facilities with multiple locations generating very small quantities of sharps or other medical waste. 

All Sharps items are autoclaved at Sharps Compliance. If incineration is required or preferred, please indicate "Incineration Required" in the "ORDER NOTES" at Step One (Shopping Cart) of the ordering process.
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