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1-Quart TakeAway Recovery System (12/mailer)

Store / Regulated Medical Waste / 1-Quart TakeAway Recovery System (12/mailer)
1-QT (12 per mailer)
Price: $183.06
Item: 80112

The Twelve 1-Quart TakeAway Recovery System is an ideal solution for the safe collection and proper treatment of sharps.

This sharps ship back system includes:

Twelve (12), 1-quart sharps containers for the collection of sharps and other used healthcare materials

A single pre-paid return shipping box for returning materials through UPS for proper treatment

Proof of treatment through SharpsTracer

Who Is It For?

The Twelve 1-Quart TakeAway Recovery System is ideal for facilities such as dental, medical, veterinary, retail pharmacy, long term care where multiple containers are needed for use in at the same time, or the convenience of only one shipping package is desired.

1-quart sharps container capacity

Holds up to 70- 1cc syringes

Holds up to 30- 3cc syringes


Please note: This sharps ship back system includes twelve (12), 1-quart sharps containers with one (1) return box for all sharps containers.

All Sharps items are autoclaved at Sharps Compliance. If incineration is required or preferred, please indicate "Incineration Required" in the "ORDER NOTES" at Step One (Shopping Cart) of the ordering process.

All Sharps Compliance items are non-refundable, unless the Customer receives the wrong item in error or damaged items, and notifies the Heritage within five (5) business days of receipt of order.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The max return weight on this item is 25 LBS.  For every pound over the max weight there is a potential additional charge of $2.00 per LBS.