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Heritage Interactive Services is a By-product management company that takes an innovative approach to finding the right solutions for your company’s most common problems. Created in 2000, Heritage Interactive Services has the expertise, experience and technology to assist you in achieving your sustainability and Program Benefits Include cost savings goals. Regardless of your company’s industry, one of your goals is creating the best end product possible. Heritage Interactive’s focus is on managing the By-products generated by those efforts. Let Heritage Interactive Services be your partner in finding the most environmentally conscious and cost effective solutions for your By-products.

Program Benefits Include
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Waste Reduction & Reuse Options
  • Data Management
  • Cost Management
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Training
  • Auditing
  • Insurance Indemnification

With the use of our proprietary IS2SM Data Management System, we provide the solution to reporting on you environmental goals around the world and across language barriers. With IS2SM, we manage the data collection process for you.

Our system will validate and standardize all the data to simplify reporting. The IS2SM Data Management System is more than a software. It's a service that can aid you in meeting your sustainability and reporting goals.