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Lithium Battery LifeCycle Advisory Notice

Lithium battery related fires and general safety concerns have prompted the Department of Transportation (DOT) to issue several updates over the past few years regarding management requirements for lithium battery shipments.  The newest updates went into effect on January 1, 2019..

Heritage customers are advised to implement these new procedures immediately to offer enhanced safety during transportation.  This notice includes an example of the new lithium handing marking and revised packing instructions. Please reference these procedures and the supplemental information provided in your LifeCycle lithium kit.

Heritage LifeCycle customers ship lithium batteries using what are often referred to as small and medium battery exceptions, which are found in DOT regulations at 49 CFR 173.185(c).  These regulations allow shipment of lithium batteries through normal mail channels. The exceptions are still available, but more requirements have been added.  These requirements are as follows:

Outer Box Markings
New information must be included on the outer package markings and labels to inform handlers of the package content and assist with additional information (by providing a contact phone number) with regard to the shipment if necessary. 

Revised Packing Instructions
    Individual batteries must be fully enclosed by non-conductive liner, in contrast to simply taping the
    battery terminals. This can be accomplished by placing individual batteries in a Ziploc -style baggie. Small button
    batteries can be sandwiched between two pieces of electrical of duct tape.  Press the tape edges to ensure a good
    seal around the batteries.

    Batteries placed inside the shipping container should be packed so there is minimal movement within the outer 
    container.  Vermiculite is recommended as a lightweight, non-conductive packing material.  This typically can be 
    found in the gardening supply section of many retail outlet stores.

Battery Energy Ratings
    Only certain lithium batteries are eligible for these shipping exceptions, and the eligibility is based on energy 
    capacity.  Separate limits apply to lithium metal (non-rechargeable) and lithium ion (rechargeable) batteries.  Most
    consumer type batteries (button cells, camera, and laptop) fit within these exceptions.  A battery's energy capacity 
    will be marked on the battery.  The limits are as follows:
  • Lithium Ion = < 60Wh cell or < 300 Wh battery
  • Lithium Metal = < 5g per cell or < 25 g per battery
    To help calculate the Watt-hour energy rating, please use the formula below.
  • Watt-hour (Wh) = Ampere-hour (Ah) x volts (V)


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