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Tritium Exit Sign Recycling

Heritage Environmental Services has partnered with Curie Environmental to offer an easy and economical way to dispose of intact Tritium Exit Signs, for HHW Collection Facilities, commercial and governmental entities.

Radioactive exit signs contain a gas called tritium or H-3 that provides illumination inside the sign. The tritium is sealed in glass ampules inside the sign. The signs are very durable and are manufactured to contain the tritium. Tritium has a 12.3 year half-life. With time, a sign will become less bright and require replacement. Exit sign end of life management is regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. A notice to the NRC must be made by owner of the exit signs after shipment.  All exit signs are recycled to recover the tritium gas for the manufacture of new exit signs. 


This recycling service is limited to exit signs that do not have damage to the inner tritium containing glass ampules and that may be leaking.   



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