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3.5-gallon Dry Cell Battery Container

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Dry Cells - 3.5 gal container
Price: $152.52
Item: 3DCB008
3.5-gallon pail for dry cell batteries excluding Lithium batteries (UN Rated).  Batteries must be whole and intact.  DO NOT MIX Lithium batteries with any other kind of battery in the same container.  ALL terminals of the batteries must be taped or secured to prevent contact.  Kit includes locking container, liner,  instructions, shipping to your facility and prepaid return shipping and recycling.  Maximum gross weight of bucket is 50 pounds.  Sale of this item prohibited in ME, AK, PR, and HI. 

Acceptable Sizes: AAA, AA, 9 volt, C & D cell, Lantern, pen light and button style.

Acceptable batteries include:

Silver Oxide
Zinc Chloride
Do not include Lithium Batteries in this container see Lithium Battery Containers (Items 1LIB022 and 3LIB023)