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5-Quart SharpStar Recovery System

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5-Quart SharpStar Recovery System
Price: $84.69
Item: 10501
An industry first - the Covidien 5-Quart SharpStar Sharps Container available as a complete system - including return transportation and treatment!

The new 5-Quart Sharps Recovery System offers savings of up to 50% or more versus traditional pick-up service.
Includes everything needed to collect sharps such as syringes and lancets or other medical waste for transport through the mail for proper treatment and repurposing.  This USPS-approved system includes a 5-Quart transparent red Covidien SharpStar sharps collection container, shipping box, packaging, tracking manifest, instructionsm pre-paid return postage, proper treatment and repurposing. 

Sharps container capacity:
Holds up to 131 1cc syringes
Holds up to 76 3cc syringes

SharpStar Container Features and Benefits:
-Anti-kickback lid
-Automatic shut off prevents overfilling
-Bold, red "FULL" indicator to change the container
-Locking tabs for extra safety during final closure

All Sharps Compliance items are non-refundable, unless the Customer receives the wrong item in error or damaged items, and notifies the Heritage within five (5) business days of receipt of order.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The max return weight on this item is 10 LBS.  For every pound over the max weight there is a potential additional charge of $2.00 per LBS.