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1.5-Quart Sharps Recovery System (12/case)

Store / Regulated Medical Waste / 1.5-Quart Sharps Recovery System (12/case)
(Twelve) 1.5-Quart Sharps Recovery System
Price: $496.55
Item: 10150-012

The 1.5-Quart Sharps Recovery System is the ideal solution for the safe collection and proper disposal of sharps and other small quantities of regulated medical waste.

This sharps mail back system includes:
A 1-quart sharps container for the collection of syringes, needles, lancets and other medical waste

A single pre-paid return mailing box for returning waste through the U.S. Postal Service for proper treatment

Proof of treatment through SharpsTracer.

All Sharps Compliance items are non-refundable, unless the Customer receives the wrong item in error or damaged items, and notifies the Heritage within five (5) business days of receipt of order.