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5-Quart SharpStar TakeAway Recovery System

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5-Quart SharpStar TakeAway Recovery System
Price: $83.59
Item: 80501

The 5-Quart TakeAway Recovery System is an ideal solution for the safe collection and proper treatment of sharps.

This sharps ship back system includes:

A 5-quart sharps containers for the collection of sharps and other used healthcare materials

A single pre-paid return shipping box for returning materials through UPS for proper treatment

Proof of treatment through SharpsTracer

Who Is It For?

The 5-Quart TakeAway  Recovery System is ideal for:


- Medical Offices

- Pharmacies

- Schools

- Other businesses seeking a cost-effective sharps disposal solution


Additionally, when used with the wall enclosure, this sharps ship back system accommodates public needle disposal for airports, shopping malls, hotels and other public restrooms.


5-quart sharps container capacity

Holds up to 131 - 1cc syringes

Holds up to 76 - 3cc syringes