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Replacement Box for 1-gal Pail

Store / Pharmaceuticals / Replacement Box for 1-gal Pail
LifeCycle Replacement Box
Price: $19.00
Item: 1REPBX

Replacement box for the 1-gal LifeCycle pails. Shipment will only contain the box.  If a new return shipping label is needed, please indicate below.  If not indicated, one will not be sent.

NOTE: If a new shipping label is needed with your box, Heritage will need the container/drum number off the pail which needs the replacement box.  The barcode is a white label located on the side of the pail.  The Heritage container/drum numbers is eight digits long, and is located at the top, lefthand side of the barcode label, directly under the barcode. 

Please write this number in the ORDER NOTES during check-out.  With the following language: Replacement for container/drum  - XXXXXXXX.  If this is omitted it will delay the replacement of the box being sent.