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3.5-Gallon E-Waste Container

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E-Waste Recycling
Price: $115.00
Item: 3EW001
3.5-gallon pail for e-waste articles (analog cameras). Articles must be whole and intact. Analog cameras only. Kit includes locking container, liner, instructions, shipping to your facility and prepaid return shipping and recycling.  Maximum gross weight of bucket is 50 pounds.  Sale of this item prohibited in AK, PR, and HI. 

Approved e-Waste items ONLY. This container cannot contain any of the following: personal protective equipment, paper, free liquids, solids, infectious materials, medical waste, sharps, pharmaceuticals, radiological materials, PCB ballasts, batteries of any type, light bulbs, aerosol cans or pressurized containers, hazardous waste, or trash.  Anything other than approved e-Waste items, will result in rejection and shipment of the container back to the customer.