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Miscellaneous Lamp Box

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CFL and Miscellaneous Lamp Box
Price: $104.45
Item: 2FLR006

This UN rated Lamp Recycling Container holds approximately 45 - 90 Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL's), or up to 50 lbs. of mixed lamps including small fluorescent bulbs, U-Bends, Circular, HID (high pressure sodium and metal halides), halogens, and LED Lamps.   Kit includes container, liner, instructions, shipping to your facility and prepaid return shipping and recycling).  Dimensions:    24-7/8" x 16-1/8" x 16-1/8".  Instructions are printed on the box for ease of use.  Sale of this item prohibited in ME, AK, PR, and HI.
DO NOT place PCB Ballasts or non-PCB Ballasts inside this kit. Non-conforming material is subject to additional charges and fees.