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2-Gallon CESQG, DEA Container

Store / Pharmaceuticals / 2-Gallon CESQG, DEA Container
Pharmaceutical - 2 gallon container
Price: $146.25
Item: 2DEP015

This kit includes a 2-gallon UN rated container for DEA controlled, consumer packaged pharmaceuticals.  Purchase of this kit requires a valid DEA registration number.  Maximum weight is 25 pounds.  All generators may utilize this kit for compatible pharmaceuticals that are non-RCRA wastes, but are DEA controls.  Mail back of RCRA hazardous waste and/or State regulated hazardous wastes is prohibited and should not be placed in this kit.   Prior to shipment of your container, a LifeCycle DEA waste stream profile form must be completed, signed and submitted.  This form will be downloadable on your receipt.   A container inventory of all Schedule I-V Controlled Substances is required and must be approved prior to Heritage issuing final shipment authorization and documentation. Click here for DEA inventory sheet instructions.   Refer to Pharmaceutical Page for excluded contents.  Sale of this prohibited in AK, AR, CA, CT, HI, MA, ME, MN, NH, RI, VT and PR.  Sale in IL limited to solids only. Michigan generators will need to supply an EPA ID number when purchasing this kit. No P-Listed wastes permitted in NY.  Kit not available for non-registrants or residential customers.