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1-gallon Lithium Battery Container

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Lithium Battery Container - 1 gallon
Price: $146.25
Item: 1LIB022

1-gallon pail for Lithium Ion (rechargeable) and Lithium Metal (non-rechargeable) batteries is used for disposal of intact batteries as described below. Maximum gross weight of bucket is 10 pounds. Damaged cells/batteries are not accepted.

Kit includes a UN Rated locking pail, liner, instructions, shipping to your facility and prepaid return shipping and recycling. A certificate of proper management will be issued to the email address on the order, once the material has been received and processed.

Packaging Requirements:

  • Fully enclose each cell/battery with a non-conductive liner (e.g., plastic baggie).
  • Prevent shifting of internal contents with packing. 
  • Non-Combustible packaging (vermiculite, air pillows, etc.) is recommended. 
  • Lithium batteries must meet small or medium cell/battery DOT exceptions for ground transport in accordance with 49 CFR 173.185 (c).

Sale of this item is prohibited in AK, ME, HI and PR.

Lithium Battery Limits are:

  • Lithium Ion = < 60Wh cell or < 300 Wh Battery
  • Lithium Metal = < 5g per cell or < 25g per battery

To help calculate the Watt-hour energy rating, please use the below formula.

  • Watt-hour (Wh) = Ampere-hour (Ah) x volts (V)