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Heritage Environmental Services, LLC (Heritage) maintains compliance with all applicable Health, Safety & Environmental requirements at all of our facilities.

Heritage views regulatory standards as baselines, and often goes beyond the minimum requirements where necessary to adequately manage risks and liabilities. Heritage directs substantial resources towards this end, through the mechanism of corporate compliance management and implementation of compliance programs at the corporate and facility levels.

This commitment includes an internal audit program to routinely measure and evaluate our efforts and results. Heritage has seven full-time compliance professionals. In addition to these corporate resources, Heritage has full-time compliance managers at each of its RCRA Part B-permitted treatment facilities.

Heritage has had compliance issues overtime and we are unaware of any commercial hazardous waste management firm that has not encountered such difficulties. Our approach at Heritage in addressing issues with our regulatory agencies is to work with them to resolve issues and concerns in an amicable manner. Our approach to interacting with our regulatory agencies involves nurturing working relationships through establishment of trust and mutual respect.

Heritage believes that we must have the trust and confidence of our regulatory agencies, our customers, and our neighbors in order to obtain, modify and renew the permits that are a necessary element in the provision of our services. This philosophy has served us well in that we currently possess eight RCRA permits, some of which are in their second renewal. This is indicative of our ability to manage our facilities and activities in substantial conformance with applicable requirements.

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